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Leveraging Your Social Media Platform

Updated: Aug 16, 2020


In my previous blog, I introduced you all to what digital marketing is and why businesses need to incorporate it in their marketing plan. In this article, lets take this further to understand various components of digital marketing services and how you can fast track your business in reaching greater number of targeted audience through it.

Components of Digital Marketing

Before we get into the components, its essential to know that content is the king and it acts as your asset in marketing your product/service. The content can be in form of a blog, article, infographics, e-book, white-paper, newsletters so on and so forth. In addition to your content, your approach is equally important. Lets look at how you approach in reaching your audience. Your first step is to put your brand out in the digital space. In order to do this, you have to build awareness and create engagement with your audience by following the below steps. This again is closely linked with the quality content you create for your audience i.e. how relevant is the content and consistency in delivering it.

The above 3 steps is part of Social Media Marketing and this leads to our first component of our digital marketing services.

Social Media Marketing

Its needless to emphasis the importance of social media platforms in the current era. Below is a graph that illustrates the prominence of social media with current and forecast of penetration rate across the globe in billions.

With this graph, we can see that you can reach up to 3.6 billion potential people with your content and the audience is expected to increase to 4.5 billion by 2025. So, you will have to leverage on this platform in order to build your awareness and generate sales through it. If we drill down, we will need to analyze which platform you need to pick in order to promote. Lets look at the below graph which can guide you in choosing your promotional platform (numbers are in millions).

Knowing these data points isnt sufficient to make a wise decision. There are two additional factors that you need to vary off. First, understanding user segmentation and second is how active your target users are across the platforms. This decides in which channel you need to aggressively promote your product/service. Lets explain this with a scenario.

You are into selling fashion products and you have recently completed in building your user personas. That data might reveal that your target audience are females between the age group of 16-35 and are from East & West Coast, USA. Now is the time, when the graphs come handy. While Facebook posses a greater set of audience, it may not be the right platform to sell your particular product as females of this age band spend their time actively on Instagram. So, whatever content you market on Facebook, will not yield the expected engagement rate- as you are not hitting the bull`s eye. Despite the audience level is less in Instagram compared to Facebook, your created user personas are a perfect match.

Lets now link these concepts with our content parameter. I cant stress enough that content is the driving factor for your business on social media. Even though, you successfully complete in building user personas and choosing the right platform, you can terribly fail if the content isnt appealing. There are specific type on content that clicks to your audience in different platforms. Memes work in Facebook but not as much as in Instagram or Twitter for example.

So, this is social media marketing for you at its basic level. My next blog will discuss about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This information along with SEO you can be self sustained in managing your digital portfolio to an extent. For greater details about how you run a campaign on social media, earned media, paid media and SEO await for my upcoming articles.

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